The low down or the down low on FAQ

Problem: customers or prospective buyers don’t understand a characteristic of your website and they need help. What is the best way to help everyone that’s lost? Sadly, you can’t talk to everyone, and answering the same question over and over isn’t your thing, invariably webmasters turn to the idea of the FAQ.

After looking at several websites and their FAQ pages I’d like to offer my $0.02 on what makes a good FAQ.

Krispy Kreme – I love that they take the time to have a Q&A format, the nostalgia card? Well played Sir. The layout is nice and impressive; however, I wish it had some sort of categorizing feature to aid the annoyed or frustrated user.

YouTube – They list a ton of answers that seem like they would come up in casual conversation and it’s great. They take the standard Q&A format and twist it, hiding the answer so if you don’t care you can skip it if it doesn’t interest you.

WOOT – Sarcastic, witty, and creative. It feels like I’m talking to a snarkier version of myself. While the answers presented tend to be ramble-ish, I can’t help not to find humor in it and when you’re frustrated – that’s important.

And that’s it, now go and answer questions so the people you do interest aren’t confused as hell by what you’ve done.


How the internet works

Today I’d like to curate some links associated with the Internet. I want to explain the basics of the internet and how it’s less like “a big bowl of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.” [Doctor Who: Season 3, Episode 10] and into something more tangible that we can understand. First for those that missed it in my twitter post,

That was a very informative short video that shows in easy to understand terminology the basics about the internet. I’d also like to direct you to an informative site that goes a little further into how the internet works.

If your still with me, I’d like to congratulate you and award you with some even more technical links about how YOU connect to the internet, through your modem and how/what your router does.

The next big idea for storify

After BrainStorming for a while I stumbled upon the topic that I think will interest my fellow IUSB students. The Technology of Today, I want to develop, over time, a reader base that is interested in all the new gadgets, services and games. While I know I’m personally biased against Apple, (I’m an informatics student, I build my own computers and own a Droid) I used to own an Ipod and at least knowing I’m biased maybe that will help center myself in the real world.

  • I want to show people companies  and services that the average user may not be aware of, hopefully this will broaden their horizons as well as mine when I delve into the news related to them.
  • I also would like to discus phones, my current phone is over two years old ( The Droid Incredible by HTC) so I’m interested in phone news, as I’ll be looking to update in the near future.
  • As a gamer I have to talk about Games and hardware, the new games coming out and the hardware you need to experience them to their full potential.

That’s it, I hope I can pull it off to entice readers to come back and check on it every once and a while to see the updates.

A note about Curating…

I for one have questions regarding this term curating and if you’ve found this post, than you more than likely stand with me. Lots of us spend to long on the internet. It’s interesting to see what opportunities are around for those of us that know how to navigate this ecosystem that the internet has become.

This page might be able to help clear the murky waters surrounding curating.

” The name I would give it is Content Curator. A Content Curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online.” – Rohit Bhargava

I love that quote from that site, it describes the message that W315 is trying to embody with one twist, you have to add the special sauce. What I mean by the special sauce is creativity.  If you’re still listening to me ramble on about curating I’d advise you to visit The curators code they outline good principles to follow when you participate in content curating.